Nuova Neon Group

About Us


It all began when Claudio Ferrari, following his business dream, founded Nuovaneon of Claudio Ferrari. He start with design and production of lighting signboards and immediately he matched with experts and big producers.

Productive place was located in a small mountain town and it produced each kind of signboard continuously. Orders were delivered with puntualicty and reliability. With the time and using specialized machinery Nuovaneon became a reference producer.

Developing in the years, for Nuovaneon amplify the challenges and it’ll go into building segment, oftest associated with the signboards. In the year 1986 Mr Ferrari starting to construct electric-systems and light ceilings.

Bethinking his personal adeptness in eltetrical segment, Mr Ferrari augmented his business in the industrial electric-systems. Many requests were developed and worked for a choosey customer: ceramic industries. Showrooms, national and international fairs gave to Nuovaneon an important economic boost.

Design-layouts increasingly complexes propeled Mr Ferrari to open a metal area (1988).

Was born metal cutom made division for ceramic industry. New structure was able to deal with borning “turnkey”.

In 1989 was born a new productive process: plexiglass. Nuovaneon had already merged each productive sectors into a single company cut out outwork. Mr Ferrari start like small workman was starded to the large-scale distribution with the new productive resettlement. In 1990 apeeared first personal computer for serigraphic machinery.

In the same year, Nuovaneon start to supply sample panels for ceramic industry.

Used his knowledge and experiences, Mr Ferrari opened a new wood production side: Barzagli 1991.

Considered the large demand, Nuovaneon agreed with Arte 2B for a large tiles panels production.

Here Mr Ferrari met an important person for his future increase: Mrs Graziella Barchi. In the same year they opened a new wood productive site in Ospitaletto.


In the 1997 Nuovaneon belives in its potentiality and Mr Ferrari buy a 15.000 sm site for build a unique structure that could gather each scattered activity

In the 1999/2000 was opened first hardware in San Dalmazio.

Mrs Barchi and Mr Ferrari work and life united, in the 2004 founded Nuovaneon Group Srl.

Nuovaneon combines in a single brand each her activities.

A bigger cover structure (with more 2.000 sm), more employees, more vehicles, advanced machinery push Nuovaneon to the merkat top. Thanks to the group lands to the international market.Nuovaneon lands to USA, Canada, SaudiArabia, Lybia, Maroc, Spain and France,

In 2011 Mr Ferrari, with a new collaboration, undertakes a build for a youth site in Arco (TN)

In 2012 Nuovaneon continues to expand and enters in the Klima-house world.

Suppliers and performers of the first Italian passive school and second in Europe,

During International Klima-house meeting Bruxelles, Nuovaneon is presented by professor Emeritus Mr Antonio Robustelli Dellacuna like one of the best structured company in this sector.

Today, Nuovaneon Group Srl with more than 60 employees and advanced technology and machinery can to design and produce each project without external collaborations.